You can view the amount of system memory. Turning off the wireless LAN functionality while accessing remote documents, files, or resources may result in data loss. LINK connection may vary, depending on a software application, an operating system, and a compatible i. Your computer does not recognize the floppy disk drive. Do not let them get wet.

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LINK port, which you can use to connect to an i. Safari Download the latest version. To change the keyboard configuration, follow these steps: Sony assumes no liabilities for any loss of your data arising out of the backup process.

The Buyer’s Guide

Do not remove the optical disc when your computer is in a power saving mode Sleep gvn Hibernate. Speakers What should I do if my external speakers do not work? Memory and storage basic. Page 63 Page 64 – communicating with an access point infr Learn more about cookies and changing the settings in your browser. About the Indicator Lights Your computer is equipped with the following indicator lights. Microphone feedback occurs when the microphone receives the sound from a sound output device, such as a speaker.

See the printed Sony vaio vgn fz31m Mode booklet for more sony vaio vgn fz31m on Instant Mode.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet before you can receive updates. The Wireless LAN indicator lights up. Erasing Everything On Your Hard Disk Erasing everything on sony vaio vgn fz31m hard disk This vfn describes how to erase your data on your hard disk.


Click Start, the arrow next to the Lock button, and Sony vaio vgn fz31m. You can set up an ad-hoc network easily at home. Optical Discs Why does my computer freeze when I try to read a disc? NHTApr 22, Removing the Battery Pack You may lose data if you remove the battery pack while your computer is on and not connected to the AC adapter or if you remove the battery pack sony vaio vgn fz31m the computer is in Sleep mode. Yes, and you can view video clips that you have recorded with Memory Stick media-compatible digital cameras.

Sony eSupport – VGN-FZE – Support

Getting Started Slide the battery pack diagonally into the battery compartment until the projections 2 on either side of the battery compartment fit into the Vvgn cuts 3 on either side of the battery pack. The procedure for sony vaio vgn fz31m a display depends on the video controller used in the computer. The battery pack is running out of power.

Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent such as alcohol or benzine, as these may damage the finish of your computer. With Bluetooth sony vaio vgn fz31m, your computer transmits a radio frequency of 2.

Sony VGN-FZ31ER User Manual

Sony Corporation reserves the right baio make any modification to this manual or the information contained herein at any time without notice. Once you have set the power-on password, you cannot start your computer without entering the password.

To change the Sleep mode settings Right-click the power status icon on the taskbar and select Power Options. Ergonomic Considerations Ergonomic Considerations You will be using your computer as a portable device in a variety of environments.

Using Special-function Buttons Using Special-function Buttons Your computer is equipped with special buttons to help you use specific functions of the computer. You may need to move your computer away from obstructions or closer to any access point you may be using. The Global Score sony vaio vgn fz31m arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes sony vaio vgn fz31m of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews.

Double-click the optical disc drive device to open a list of the optical disc drives of your computer.

Viewing the Amount of Memory To view the amount of memory Turn on the computer. Carefully slide the Memory Stick media into the slot until it clicks into place.

To connect the headset with your computer Press and hold the headset power button for at least five seconds to turn on the Bluetooth headset. What should I do if a message window, notifying of incompatibility or improper installation of the battery pack, appears and my computer enters Hibernate mode? To connect an external microphone Plug the microphone cable 1 into the microphone jack 2 m.

If it is not removed properly, your system may not work properly. This problem occurs when you use the camera under fluorescent lights due to the mismatch between lighting output frequency f3z1m shutter sony vaio vgn fz31m.

Page What should I sony vaio vgn fz31m if a message window, notifying of incompatibility or improper installation of the battery pack, appears and my computer enters Hibernate mode?

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